dignity, not dependence.


Welcome to Urban Ventures. We are a nonprofit organization that's bringing a radically different approach to the fight against urban poverty in the Twin Cities.


Here's how:



Direct-service programs work holistically to support families from our south Minneapolis campus. Programs focus on jobs, education, food, & families.


Products & Social Enterprises

Our enterprises produce real products you can buy. They create living-wage jobs, provide skills training and reinvest 100% of net proceeds back into our programs.


Partnerships increase our impact by connecting individuals, corporations, churches, and other nonprofits ways to share expertise and make a difference.


Employed Adults + Educated Kids + Engaged Families = Empowered Communities


Programs for kids

Programs for adults


A Pathway to College

Our cradle to career academic & mentoring pipeline closes the achievement gap for hundreds of kids each year.

Sports, Arts, & Nutrition

Extracurriculars keep kids active, foster creativity and nourish mind, body, and spirit.

Job Offer.jpg

Dignified Employment

Our job readiness/placement program helps those with multiple barriers to employment.


Relationship Tools

Classes teach practical tools to parents and create a safe place to discuss life's issues and build community. 


We can't do it without you. Yes, you. 

Each year, 1,000+ volunteers contribute 20% of all the hours worked at UV.  150 corporate and church partners engage their networks to make a difference. Our campus also serves as a hub for eight partner nonprofits.